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Maria Theresa Crystal Chandelier Collection

The evoking and outstanding crystal chandeliers have turn out to be extremely famous because the 17th Century. They’ve long been representing an evidence of wealth and status. Within the past couple of decades, the crystal chandeliers could only be found within the luxurious hotels, the classy bungalows and the sassy mansions. The chandeliers had been extremely expensive because of their pricey production materials and there had been also many skilled labors involved. Nowadays, a large majority of people can afford to purchase crystal chandeliers because of their mass production.

The word chandelier is beautiful in its own essence and fulfills an old mysterious journey within the bohemian French. The mesmerizing word is really a direct transliteration from the 12 century French word chandelier. This French word in turn can be also traced back to its Latin roots. In the warm and vibrant Latin, the word “Candela” means candle. The world “candela” represents the spiritual root word of an additional Latin word, “Chandelabre”, from which the dazzling Chandelier got its origins and essence. Chandelier is a fitting name for the striking structure as it embraces all of the buoyant and astonishment.

In each and every culture and belief, knowledge is the fundamental key in understanding the important value and accurate recognition of a fine crystal. The ravishing and enlighten crystal represents a valued treasure, being an integral component of history and legend. Within the Roman culture, the individuals of that time believed that the fire and sparkle in crystal emulate the flame and the enchantment of constant adore.

One of probably the most appreciated and well-liked chandeliers along time are by far the Maria Theresa crystal Chandelier collection. These novel crystal chandeliers are crafted using innovative technology blended with the eldest spiritual knowledge to produce lustrous crystal with accuracy cutting and remarkable lighting refraction. In general, the design and crafting of crystal necessitates years of experience and specialized craftsmanship. The charming Maria Theresa crystal Chandelier collection will turn out to be a family heirloom to love and treasure, proudly passing it on to future generations and encompassing a life and history lesson.

Maria Theresa crystal chandelier collection is probably the most cherished and evoking European Tradition. Maria Theresa chandeliers are named for the only brave woman to rule Austrian Empire during its 650 years. She was also remembered in history as the mother of Marie Antoinette. The exquisite chandelier collection is manufactured on a glass covered steel frame and is really a extremely nourished chandelier.

There is nothing in the world that can embody the finesse and the elegance, as the fine crystal that enlightened the alluring evenings at palaces and manor houses across Europe. The delicate and exclusivist version from the Maria Theresa collection is ornamented with a great selection of hand-cuts and polished 24 percent lead crystal that captures and then reflect the light of the candle bulbs in a radiant and charming way. The timeless elegance along with the ravishing delicacy of this chandelier is certain to lend a legendary atmosphere, an austere, regal feel to any room they are placed.

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