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How To Care For Amaryllis Bulbs And Flowers

Amaryllis is also referred to as Belladonna Lily or Bare Girl.

The genus consists of two species. One species Amaryllis belladonna is indigenous to South Africa, particularly the Cape of Good Hope.

Typically Amaryllis belladonna is confused with Hippeastrum, a flowering bulb which is often bought throughout the winter months because it simply blooms indoors.

Hippeastrum is a genus comprised of about 90 species and greater than 600 hybrids native to the tropical and subtropical areas from Mexico south to Argentina and all through the Caribbean.

“Hippeastrum” is Greek for “horseman’s star” recognized immediately as “knight’s star”.

Dutch growers are thought of the primary industrial breeders of Hippeastrum courting again to the 18th century. Normally you see Amaryllis bulbs in nurseries and backyard facilities across the center of October so they’re in bloom for Christmas and thru the Vacation Season.

When buying an Amaryllis bulb, Hippeastrum, it already has an ideal embryo flower shaped. The bulb is able to be planted.

Soak the roots of the newly bought Amaryllis bulb in a cup or glass of lukewarm water to which you added some seaweed. Ensure that simply the roots are submerged within the water and never any a part of the bulb itself. Maintain the bottom of the bulb above and outdoors the water.

Go away the roots within the water-seaweed combine in a single day. Will probably be able to plant the following day. The in a single day soaking of the roots within the seaweed combination enhances the expansion of your Amaryllis due to the important hint parts which are current in seaweed.

To plant the Amaryllis bulb begin with a 6 inch container. Fill it one third with a properly draining potting combine. Place the bulb within the heart of the pot. Sprinkle some bone meal across the roots. Bone meal promotes a wholesome root system and vibrant Amaryllis flowers. Cowl the bulb to the purpose that the “neck” of the bulb is above soil stage.

Water the pot totally with lukewarm water to which you add some seaweed and/or Superthrive which helps your Amaryllis bulb to begin the expansion course of. Place your newly potted bulb in entrance of a properly lit window.

Do not water once more till you some development within the leaves, flower stalk or each. In the course of the rising interval maintain the potting medium moist. Most Amaryllis bulbs, Hippeastrum, produce two flower stalks with every stalk producing 4 to 6 Amaryllis flowers.

When your Amaryllis has completed flowering, reduce off the flower stalk and proceed to develop it till August or September. Throughout this era maintain it in good gentle, water repeatedly, and fertilize each different week with a fertilizer excessive in Phosphorus and Potassium. You do that to advertise subsequent season’s flowers.

Some gardeners are in a position to have their Amaryllis produce flowers twice a yr, throughout winter and summer season.
In August or September cease watering and fertilizing. Retailer the Amaryllis bulb within the pot in a darkish place. This initiates its dormancy stage.

In December or January take away a lot of the soil from the highest of the container till the roots are uncovered. Sprinkle some bone meal across the roots and canopy with contemporary potting medium. Water with seaweed and/or Superthrive. In a few months your bulb will reward you once more with lovely Amaryllis flowers.


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