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Hanging a Chandelier

Change is a part of everyday life and we are designed to get bored. If you have a car for longer than a year you definitely thought of changing at least a screw on it. As we are also predestined to always want more almost every driver i know looks for ways to upgrade the performances of their rides.

Also most drivers I know made the same mistake when proceeding about the upgrade of their vehicle. Before jumping head on to the spare parts store to pimp out your ride you should first of all take into account that upgrading an engine that is less than 100% healthy is like hanging a chandelier in a haunted house. Such an action will only increase the throttle to it’s decay. Therefore the first thing you should do before considering the upgrade of your ride is to test your engine’s performance and to bring it to mint condition.

Such testing consists mainly in a compression test and a leak-down test. The compression test is performed in order to detect any existing variances in between the cylinders. Measuring the pressure in the cylinders and outside you may come across a too low or a too high compression. A lower than normal compression shows that the piston is not sealing as it should. A too high compression shows a carbon build up on top of the piston.

A leak down test is performed in order to detect any pressure losses your cylinders might have by introducing pressurised air through a gauge. If any such leaks are found their source must be detected and sealed.

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